A) Intro to Micro Business

1) What is a micro business »

A micro-business, also commonly known as a micro-enterprise, is a business with less than five (5) employees, and includes self-employed individuals.

4) is micro business for you »

Before deciding to take that big leap of faith and start up your own micro-business, it is important to determine whether or not you are suitable to run a business. People have varying reasons as to why they want to go into business. However, some of these reasons may be based on misconceptions, and the reality of going into business is very different to their initial perceptions.

2) Micro business advantages »

There are numerous and varied positive reasons for starting a micro-business. Here are a few advantages:

5) types of micro business »

Here a the main categories of micro business types you may find:

  • Home base
  • Family operated
  • Independent contractor
  • Franchise
  • E-Business

3) Micro business disadvantages »

Whilst there are many advantages to owning and operating your own micro-business, there are also various disadvantages that must be considered before making any decisions regarding going into business.

B) Micro business Planning

1) Micro-business Opportunities »


4) Determining Resource Requirements »


2) Feasibility Analysis »


5) Regulations, Tax & Insurance »


3) Getting Advice & Assistance »


6) Compiling a Micro-business Plan »


C) Operating a Micro Business

1) Setting Goals & Monitoring Performance »


4) Building a Website »


2) Promoting a Micro-business »


5) Prioritisation & Time Management »


3) Employing People »


6) Maintaining Financial Records »