Dear Donors,

Thanks to you, Urban Ventures is able to continue providing the general public and small businesses in Rhode Island, with business development assistance, through education, training and consultation.

Urban Ventures Inc. (UV), is a non-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, founded and primarily funded by the Rhode Island legislature, under the RI urban economic initiative in 1999.

We are very grateful for your generosity. Your willingness to help Rhode Island entrepreneurs and small businesses makes all the difference for the businesses we provide assistance to. On an average, we provide business assistance to over 100 entrepreneurs and small businesses in Rhode Island.

Your donation will help fund operations, produce and develop customized programs, provide more access to knowledge and expertise, and enable the organization enhance its customer service.

We would love to keep you in informed via emails and newsletters.


Jr Neville Songwe - (Executive Director)

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Individual Donations

Cash Donations - $100 - $500

  • Mr. Bob Fay
  • Mr. Jaime Aguayo
  • Dr. Edward Mazze
  • Mr. Julius Kolawole
  • Dr. Chon Wong
  • Mr. Adam Diaz
  • Mrs. Gertrude Jones
  • Ms. Altagracia Heugas

In-Kind Donations

  • Carmen Andrisani Songwe - co-designed UV's website (app. worth $2000)
  • Ron Crosson - Directed and Produced UV's "Introductory video" (app. worth $4,000)

Organization Donations

In-Kind Donations

  • Rhode Island Indian Council - Office and Conference space (app. worth $3,600/year)
  • Practico Innovations - $200.00